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It is never easy to decorate a home. There are numerous things to consider such as the space you have, the existing fixtures present in your home, and of course the time you need to allot to properly decorate your place. Not to mention, it also entails a lot of creative thinking, patience, and resourcefulness. Whether you’re decorating your first home or just having a makeover to revamp the look of your place, remember these commandments to be properly guided.

1. Masterplan


Before you set sail decorating, it is best to have general masterplan of how you wish your whole place to look like. Masterplans do not necessarily have to be specific blueprints. A simple mood board will do. Having a plan in mind will prevent you from proceeding with your design blindly. Note that you should also be prepared to be flexible with your plans. Be open to changes. Every successful endeavour is based on good planning and strategies.

2. Theme


A theme not only guides you in deciding what types of fixtures to get, but also serves as a unifying factor in your design. A home without a theme faces the risk of looking plain, boring, and messy. Keep in mind that a theme gives a consistent and well-planned look.

3. Research


After deciding on a general plan and theme, it’s wise to conduct research. Browse home interior magazines, visit furniture shops, and catalogues. Get ideas from them and safe keep those that strike you for future reference. You will be exposed to various ideas so do not be overwhelmed and confused. Just stick to your theme and you will be fine.

4. Match All Fixtures


Matching fixtures should not be difficult if you have a theme to follow. Just be wary of clashing designs and colours. It’s not wrong to experiment with fixtures but if you are beginning to have doubts, it might be best to put your idea on hold to give yourself sometime to think. House fixtures such as sofas, shelves, and tables are big investments. Be absolutely sure when picking these items.

5. Consider Your Space


Proportionality is always important when it comes to designing any home. No one wants to live in a cramped space or an empty looking place. It’s all about balance. When placing fixtures, be sure that the amount of area they occupy is proportionate to the overall dimension of your space. Spacing can make or break your design.

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6. Proper Lighting


Lighting is a very important factor to consider in design. It has the capacity to change the entire mood of your place. It adds shine and glow to your home. Similar to fixtures, lightings must also match. Proper lighting can make a vast improvement to the look and ambiance of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even bathroom.

7. Plants


Plants make any home look cozy. It is discouraged to use artificial plants because these can ruin the whole vibe and theme of your place. If you’re afraid of having no time to water your plants, get easy to manage plants that rarely need watering. Having plants indoors will also make your area breezy.

8. Add Some Funky Factors


Sometimes, people prefer conventional looking fixtures because they want to play safe. Our advice to you is this: do not to be afraid of purchasing a few funky looking accessories that will serve as accent pieces in your home. There is nothing wrong with trying out something different once in a while. Make your design pop and stand out. Later on, you will realise that the zing added to your place will make you love your home even more.

9. Art


Having paintings or sculptures are great ideas in making any place look more interesting. It also shows that as a homeowner, you know how to value and appreciate art. Paintings and sculptures will give your home style and wow factor.

10. Think Long Term


When decorating your home, take into consideration that the colours you choose as wall paintings and the fixtures you buy can’t be replaced immediately because much effort and spending has been done to achieve them. Be practical and opt for designs that are trendy yet can stand the test of time.

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