Arriving in Singapore can be quite a bewildering experience – and a move is always exhausting. What you need is some time to unwind with outdoor activities; even with its innumerable skyscrapers that steal the show, Singapore has some fantastic options for outdoor fun. Your first visit to these attractions definitely won’t be your last!

Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay

Does a visit to a botanical gardens sound ‘tame’? You obviously haven’t been to the magnificent botanical gardens in Singapore if that’s what you think. And you definitely don’t have to be a serious plant enthusiast to enjoy this unbelievably beautiful outdoor space. But be warned, you’ll need several visits before you even begin to scratch the surface!

From manicured gardens suitable for relaxation or a family picnic to a perfectly preserved rainforest and from art exhibitions to the national orchid collection, there’s always something to marvel at in this incredible park. This outdoor attraction definitely tops our list of things to do outdoors in Singapore.

For those who’d like to see something a bit more modern where nature meets high-tech innovations, the Gardens by the Bay are absolutely breath-taking. It doesn’t have the natural tranquillity of the botanical gardens, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

Botanic Gardens lake
Fabulous beaches

While you’re in the tropics, you absolutely have to spend some time on the palm-fringed beaches with their soft white sands and azure waters. When it comes to beaches, you’re actually quite spoiled for choice, but Palawan beach on Sentosa Island is a must-see. It usually isn’t too overcrowded, and there are lovely, shady grassed terraces where you can relax between dips in the pleasantly warm ocean.

For those who’d like a slightly more active outdoor experience, Tanjong Beach Club is the place to go for full moon beach parties, and a short walk up the beach will take you into a quieter area if you’d like a slightly more restful time.

Siloso beach, Sentosa, is always busy, but there’s a real holiday atmosphere with beach bars, shops and restaurants galore.

East Coast Park

You’re missing out if you don’t spend a day (or even a few days) exploring the outdoor activities at East Coast Park. It is home to Singapore’s favourite beach outside of Sentosa, but with a surface area of 185 hectares, and a full 15km of pristine coastline, there’s definitely something for everyone.

There are tons of outdoor activities available at East Coast Park. Go for a long cycle in a beautiful environment, join a game of beach volleyball, or test out your skateboarding skills at the Xtreme Skate Park. And of course, there’s just about every kind of water sport you can possibly imagine.

Settle down for a picnic or visit the hawkers’ centre for a range of yummy and reasonably priced foods or choose one of the excellent restaurants for a sit-down meal. With so much to do, it’s hardly surprising that chalets are available for those who’d like to spend a few days enjoying the many activities this park has to offer.

Sengkang Swimming Complex

It’s no surprise that swimming is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Singapore. Sengkang swimming complex takes swimming to the next level with multiple swimming pools, kids pools, water slides and plenty of swimming fun for the whole family. The entry fee is very reasonable indeed, and it’s a great place to wash away the stress of your move.

Parents will be able to relax their usual vigilance. Besides the fact that the kiddie pool is really safe while still being loads of fun, there are lifeguards keeping an eye on things all the time. And if you’d like your kids to get swimming lessons, it’s easy to sign them up for some classes here.

Fort Canning Park

History buffs who love the outdoors shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit For Canning Park. These ancient gardens provided the perfect setting for medieval Malay royalty to relax. Fort Canning was an important base during the Second World War and there are remains of a 19th century fortress as well as many artefacts dating back to pre-colonial days

Fort Canning Park used to be called Bukit Larangan – ‘The Forbidden Hill’, but these days, anyone can enjoy this delightful outdoor space. Music lovers should keep an eye out for the events and programmes since Fort Canning Park regularly hosts musical events and concerts, and art lovers will enjoy the sculpture garden.

fort canning park singapore

Singapore Zoo

The 28-hectare zoological gardens in Singapore should not be missed. It’s one of the finest zoos in the world, with natural-looking enclosures, all the animals you could ever hope to see at close quarters, and tons of activities for visitors.

If walking through the whole of this complex sounds like seriously hard work to you, you can get a guided buggy tour through all the attractions, and there are various ‘special experiences’ offered. Would you like to breakfast with Orang-utans? This is the only place in the world where you can do so!

Take a stroll through the treetops on the amazing ‘treeway’, allow your kids to enjoy the cute farm animals at the petting zoo, and enjoy the tranquil tropical greenery. Pack a picnic or plan your route so that it passes one of the eight restaurants in the zoo complex.

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Pasir Ris Park

Once again, there’s fun for the whole family – and the more adventurous can even go kayaking. Apart from water sports, there are pony rides for kids, cycling and inline skating fun to be had. Nature lovers will enjoy the trails through the mangrove forest and the three storey bird watching tower offers great opportunities to watch and photograph Singapore’s feathered friends.

Those who would like to enjoy a BBQ can hire BBQ facilities instead of having to drag them along, and there’s a well-equipped children’s play park, one of the largest in Singapore, where the kids can let off steam while their parents relax.

Sentosa luge and Skyride

Whether you’re looking for the adrenalin packed high-speed rides or would prefer to take a gentle cruise through the tropical greenery, the luge offers you a unique outdoor experience. Don’t worry! It’s safe for all ages, and you do have brakes – whether you use them or not is up to you! There are two luge trails totalling 1.4km in length.

But whether you try out the luge or not, the Skyride is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The ski-lift-like ride gives you an unparalleled view over Sentosa Island and the South China Sea set against the skyline of Singapore. Night rides are also available, and the constellation of city lights provides a breath-taking spectacle.

Bedok Reservoir Park

It’s amazing what ingenuity has gone into transforming this old sand quarry into a pleasant outdoor space for Singaporeans and visitors from abroad. With a 4.3km jogging trail, the 88-hectare park is a favourite with joggers, and schools often organise fun-runs in this pleasant setting. But water sports enthusiasts won’t be disappointed. The lake is a favourite with anglers, wake boarders, kayakers and dragon boatmen.

Those who prefer to sit back and watch the action can choose a seat on one of the many conveniently placed park benches, and there’s even a gorgeous floating deck where you can sit back and enjoy the view over the lake. If you like bird-watching, don’t forget to bring your binoculars, it’s not only people who love the lake. You are likely to spot kingfishers and herons flashing through the air if you’re alert to the opportunity.

Would you like to do something more adventurous? Try the safe tree-top obstacle course with its trapezes, ladders and swings. Safety nets are there to catch you if you have a spill!

Mount Faber Park

Hit the high ground in Mount Faber Park for a panoramic view of the city. There are telescopes for those who’d like to see if they can spot their favourite landmarks and plenty of lookout points where you can marvel at the view to your heart’s content. Stop by the wall of murals showing Singapore’s colourful history and then take the must-do cable car ride to Sentosa Island for an even more spectacular scenic experience.

And of course, once you’re in Sentosa, there are a million and one other outdoor activities to enjoy before you ride the cable car back to Mount Faber after a day of fun.

mount faber park singapore

And so much more…

From adventure tours to boat rides and scuba diving lessons, there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy in Singapore. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a family looking for safe, fun things to do together, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to keep you active and entertained.

Charge up your batteries in one of the many lush, tranquil nature areas, or enjoy views over the hustle and bustle of the city. Be as sporty or as relaxed as you like – and don’t forget to wear your sunblock!

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