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From comfortable, cozy, fresh, and clean, the list can go on and on when it comes to the factors that people look for when buying a condo unit.

In just a limited space, condos give you everything you need, and their location is great too as they are located near schools or offices. Furthermore, they provide recreational areas such as swimming pools, gyms, and much more without having to walk far from home.

Although condo units are among the top choices of people looking for a place, they’re also a good investment should you decide to put it up for rent.

Here, we give you 6 ways you to increase the value of your so-called modern prefab home.

1. Bathroom makeover property value

People never miss the bathroom when evaluating a place, so this would be something you really need to work on. This means fixing chipped tiles, repainting the walls, and getting rid of stains everywhere possible.

No one will have second thoughts about buying or renting a condo unit if the bathroom is clean, fresh, organised, and everything looks brand new.

2. Get rid of bad odor

A major turn off would be the smell since no one wants to stay in a stuffy room. This would mean thoroughly cleaning the unit and changing floorboards or carpets.

Getting professional help for this would be best so that you can really get rid of the bad smells, as some tend to stick to the walls or floors and can take a while to disappear. Someone interested in the unit wouldn’t want to have to go through the hassle of cleaning or trying to get rid of the smells themselves.

3. Go green

property value

In the coming years, many are moving toward being environmentally friendly. This would mean that you should also attempt in making your unit environmentally friendly so that your buyer would know it will be a great investment for the future.

A few examples of going green would be changing your lights to LED ones, using energy- efficient appliances, and having a low-flow shower head to save on water.

4. Clean and create storage

The right storage will be great for keeping things tucked away and organized, making the area more spacious and easy to roam around in. So, pick the right sizes for your closet and have enough compartments for everything. Another way would be to have built-in closets and shelves to truly maximize the space.

5. Maintenance

Make sure everything is running efficiently such as the stove, toilet, shower, heater, etc. Get everything fixed and make sure that it won’t damage so easily.

Your buyers or renters don’t want to have a headache with having to fix things, so make it brand new for them to make moving in easy for them.

6. Organise your furniture

property value

You can either add furniture or replace them. Just make sure that they coordinate with the rest of the interior such that it doesn’t take up more space. You might want to consider multi-purpose furniture as these are the best ones.

Further, your furniture should be repainted if necessary, whereas the sofa or pillows should be washed to mask out any bad smell. Rugs and carpets, on the other hand, should also be checked. These pieces would be great if they match with everything and don’t have hair or dust tucked in its strands.

These are just a few simple ways you can do to make your unit worth it, seem brand new, and ultimately, be comfortable and cozy for those interested in your property.

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