If you’re looking to relocate to Singapore along with Fido, you may be worried about finding a dog-friendly condo in Singapore. After all, you can’t abandon your best friend! But for most pet owners the news is good. Finding a pet-unfriendly condo is going to be a whole lot harder than finding one where your dog will be welcome.

Don’t just assume

This said, there are rules that apply to keeping pets, and these will depend on the condo you choose. Some condos only allow smaller breeds, and of course, there will be a limit on how many dogs you can keep, even if you get a house with a yard.

There are also certain breeds that aren’t allowed in Singapore at all because they have a reputation as being dangerous. And if you have a large breed, you may have to keep your dog muzzled in public places.

Make sure that you know the government regulations related to keeping pets, and check the rules applicable to the condos you’re interested in with your property agent. Greyloft are experts at helping expats to settle in, so they’ll be able to advise you and provide you with a list of suitable dog-friendly Singapore condos for your family (plus pet)!

Are some areas better for your pet than others?

In general, you’ll see more people with pets choosing a place to stay outside of the CBD, especially if they have a medium to large breed of dog. The East and West coasts and Sentosa are excellent choices for pet owners thanks to the parks and beaches you can enjoy with your dog. Holland, Bishan, Seangoon, Katong and Kovan are also popular with dog-owners. However, if you have a pocket-sized pooch, you’ll be fine anywhere in Singapore.

Think about exercise for your pet

To keep your dog in good health, you will need to take it out for regular ‘walkies’. If you have a larger breed, a quick toddle down the road with you may not be enough. Get a condo near a dog-friendly park – there are plenty in Singapore – and don’t forget to take the pooper scooper along!

Although you’ll have to keep your dog on a leash in many parks, there are also made-for-dogs spaces with proper fencing where you can let them run around to their heart’s content. There are often dog-friendly cafés nearby, where you can go for a meal or a snack with your pet in tow. There’s even the K9 culture doggie swimming pool!

While most condos are dog-friendly, public transport is not, so choosing a condo near a sport where your dog can get the exercise it needs is a smart move!

Be considerate

Although Singapore is a dog-friendly city, not everyone loves dogs. Make sure that your pooch doesn’t bother anyone, and if you are away at work for most of the day, consider placing your pet in one of the many doggie day-care centres. Bored pets soon get up to mischief!

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