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Co-Founder and CTO at Greyloft, a technology enabled property brokerage in Singapore
Black and white houses

Black and White houses Singapore – everything you need to know

Black and white houses Singapore For those new to Singapore, this title might result in a little head scratching. What exactly is a black and...
Living with a dog in Singapore

Moving to Singapore With Your Dog?

If you’re looking to relocate to Singapore along with Fido, you may be worried about finding a dog-friendly condo in Singapore. After all, you...

Condo Rental Singapore

Condo rental in Singapore The number of people coming to Singapore for work-related purposes is rising, and so is the need for rented condominiums. The...
choosing a location in Singapore - Holland village

Where to Live in Singapore?

Where should you live in Singapore? Deciding where to live in Singapore can be a bit overwhelming when you first arrive. According to polls, the...