Once you’ve found your Singapore home, you will be looking for furnishings. If a trip to IKEA is your idea of a nightmare, if you adore retro pieces, or if you simply want to save a little on furnishing your condo, you can have loads of fun shopping around for antique or used furniture in Singapore. There are more stores stocking good quality ‘pre-loved’, antique or renovated furniture than you can shake a stick at, but a few of them deserve a special mention:

Take your chances at Hock Siong & Co

Have you ever wondered what happens to old show-house furniture and what hotels do with their existing (good) stuff when they decide to renovate? Well, this is definitely one of the places it goes! It’s pretty luck-of-the-draw. You’ll find everything from the nearly-new to Art Deco style pieces – but the stock turns over quickly, so if you see something you like – get it right away. Prices are really reasonable, so this is a good place to begin your hunt. Their Facebook page has images showing the type of furniture they prefer to stock. Their premises can be found at 153 Kampong Ampat.

hock siong & co. - antique study table

Find gorgeous pieces at Things your Mother Throw

You have to love the cute ‘Singlish’ name of this store, and it may resonate with you. Did your mother throw away some of your favourite stuff at some time in your life? Despite its name, this shop specialises in some very nice antique and retro furniture, much of it beautifully restored. They also custom-make furniture to order! Find them at 1092, #02-16, Lower Delta Road.

Spend some time bargain hunting at Junkie’s Corner

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Junkie’s corner is the perfect place for a bargain hunter who loves sifting through a warehouse packed full of vintage furniture that, while some of it may need some refurbishment and a good dust down, still has some pretty good stuff. Make sure that you have enough time to explore their premises at 94 Jalan Seleng.

Yummy treats and restored furniture at Restore Living

If you like your vintage furniture beautifully restored, and don’t mind paying a little more, this dinky shop is worth a visit on your mission to find furnishings you’ll love. Visit 124 Tanjong Pagar Road, and have a tea and cake break or one of their famous waffles slathered in chocolate sauce at their café while you’re at it.

A constantly changing selection at weekly Expat Auctions

What can be more exciting than going to an auction and standing a chance to get a bargain price on great furnishings? With many expats coming and going within the space of a few years, Expat Auctions gets a constant stream of new stock. Auctions are held every week, but you will have to register first. From objects d’art to practical furnishings, you may even find everything you need right here. Visit their website at the link above to find out more.

Treasure-hunting at Singapore Trading Post

If you’re not up for visiting an auction, you can still see some of the best pieces from the people who run Expat Auctions at Singapore Trading post. This is where the real vintage treasures end up, so it’s definitely not dagger-cheap, but when you see the superb collection of treasures on display, you’ll agree that for what’s offered, the prices are really good. They’re located at 315 Outram Road, and they’re open seven days a week.

Beautiful vintage furniture at Noden Collective

You may not find ‘bargains’ here, but if you have an eye for quality and want nothing but the best in retro furniture, you’ll love the carefully-chosen pieces the proprietors have hunted down. They’re passionate about the design philosophies and history behind every piece – and if you feel the same way about furniture – you’re going to love this store. You’ll find them at 65, Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub.

long-longtime store - U-leg antique display

Everything vintage at Long-Long Time Store

You’ll need an appointment to view the collection at Long-longtime, but don’t let that put you off. They stock just about anything and everything that’s vintage, much of it without any refurbishment. To many, this authenticity makes it a good place to go retro. Call 98325378 or Email: to find out more. By the way, if you’re keen on vintage cars and bikes, they may have just what you like, too!

long-longtime store - high back swivel chair

Fabulous items mingled with junk at Thrift House Furniture

Back to the type of junk-shop that bargain hunters love best: Thrift House has drifts of all sorts of furniture stacked up around the walls. Ancient typewriters and seventies office furniture rubs shoulders with beautiful wooden tables in a marvellous hodgepodge of anything and everything. Dust settles on gently mouldering furniture that includes the occasional treasure. If this is your idea of what a shopping adventure should be like and have an eye for a good buy, you shouldn’t miss it! Visit 9 Boon Keng Rd during business hours, Mondays to Saturdays.

Cash Converters Singapore: worth a look

It’s hard to say what you’ll find at Cash Converters at any given time. But it’s still worth a look-in because, well, you never know do you? It’s certainly a good place to look for second hands of just about every description, and lots of people just offload their furniture to Cash Converters when they move away. There are several branches dotted around Singapore. Use their store locator to find a convenient branch near you.cashconvertors - chinese antique round coffe table with carvingsJourney East for upcycled, eco-friendly wooden pieces

The warmth of wood has long been admired in the East, and Journey East specializes in ‘upcycled’ reclaimed teak designer furniture. Although not strictly a second hand or antique shop, they also stock some selected antiques alongside their newer creations. Their coffee tables are particularly cleverly made and beautiful, but you’ll also find sofas, chests, wall units and more at their 315 Outram Road premises.

Rent or buy from Second Hand Furniture Shop

Although you can buy from the Second Hand Furniture Shop, they also offer furniture rentals. This option may suit those who are in Singapore for a relatively short-duration stay. It may be advisable to give them a call before visiting their warehouse at 37 Sungei Kadut Street 1. Free delivery is an added bonus.

second-hand furniture - antique tea set

Antique everything at the Godown

Do you adore antique valve radios, the knick-knacks of the rich of yesteryear, and artsy artefacts from a bygone era? Even if you just like looking at these intriguing echoes of bygone eras, the Godown is well worth a visit. It’s like stepping into a peaceful oasis filled with fascinating history. Turn it into a special outing, and visit 44 Zion Rd, from Mondays to Saturdays. Even if you don’t buy a thing, you’ll love the ambiance.

The Office Saver

Office furniture often costs an arm and a leg, but if you get second-hands, you can save. Your kids will need workstations or desks and chairs at the very least for their homework, and you may want to set up a home office for those take-home tasks that constitute your ‘homework’. Check out their website, or visit their premises at 5 Pereira Road.

And there’s more…

Although we may seem to have covered a bewildering array of shops where you can pick up second hands or antiques, these are only the best-known places to find your treasures and bargains. can point you towards even more stores, from hole-in-the-corner junk shops with occasional ‘finds’ to classy antique stores packed with beautiful wooden furnishings. Whatever your tastes and budget, you should be able to have a second to none shopaholics adventure on the streets of Singapore.

Hunting about online

If all of this sounds terribly energetic to you, you might want to start your hunt online. Buying direct from previous owners can provide you with an opportunity to get good stuff at a lower price. You may have to take your time, and you won’t have the adventures you’d experience visiting some of the cool stores we’ve reviewed, but you will be able to do some armchair shopping.

Try Reno Talk’s Exchange Corner, visit STClassifieds’ Home and Appliance category, or check out Gumtree Singapore, you never know what you might find! Locanto also maintains listings for used furniture in Singapore, and you can get everything from beds to leather lounge suites at good prices. Singapore expats classifieds and has a specialized listing for used furniture and appliances. Adpost could also be a productive website to check out.

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