For urbanites, Singapore property is definitely paradise as it boasts many layers of architectural styles. On the modern side, you can find a plethora of awe-inspiring Singapore condos that woo aesthetics lovers instantly.

For a taste of unique Singapore condos designed by famous architects or architecture firms, check out our selection of popular condominiums that put a spin on urban living.

The Oliv: Mok Wei Wei

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The Oliv is truly a masterpiece, which embraces open vertical green spaces, allowing you to quickly connect with both the city and the surrounding nature. Designed by Mok Wei Wei of W Architect, The Oliv stands out with its incorporated sky terraces at every level that are shared by the two households. The irregular shape of the building as well as its lush green hedges truly epitomise luxury tropical living in Singapore.

The Interlace: Ole Scheeren 

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At first glance, The Interlace resembles the blocks of a Jenga game as its apartment blocks are literally stacked in a hexagonal arrangement. Designed by Ole Scheeren, The Interlace explores a different design approach. Comprising a network of expansive interconnected apartments integrated with the natural environment, this gorgeous building is adored by both architecture and nature lovers. What’s more, its interlocking blocks form a vertical village, which features cascading sky gardens and roof gardens.

Reflections at Keppel Bay: Daniel Libeskind

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Located at the entrance to Singapore’s historic Keppel Harbor, Reflections at Keppel Bay is truly an iconic building. The curved towers of alternating heights located by the bay are designed by prominent architect Daniel Libeskind and immediately stand out.

With 6 sky towers and 11 fan-shaped villa apartment blocks, Reflections at Keppel Bay promises a collection of luxury homes, which will satisfy even the most discerning home seeker.

Sky Habitat: Moshe Safdie

Sky Habitat pledges eye-catching, bold architecture by Moshe Safdie, and is perceived as an iconic and distinctive condo in Singapore. Sky Habitat really has the feel of a sanctuary in the sky, providing the perfect escape without the need to leave the creature comforts of your home. On the 38th floor, the building boasts a rooftop oasis; here you can relax at the Sky Pool as well as enjoy panoramic views of the city!

Orchard Scotts Residences: Arquitectonica

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As the first winner in the Residential Category at the 2009 FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards, which is widely recognised as the highest honour in international real estate, Orchard Scotts Residences sets the benchmark for luxury serviced apartments.

Orchard Scotts showcases modernism created by one of the most cutting-edge architectural firms in America, the highly acclaimed, award-winning Arquitectonica of Miami, Florida.

The designer of architectural gems such as the The Atlantis, Beverly Hills Residences and The Westin New York at Times Square, Arquitectonica is recognised worldwide for its excellence and innovative design, and this can be seen in Orchard Scotts Residences – the structure truly brings the cosmopolitan side of Singapore to your doorstep!

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