Digital Property Inspection Myths 

Many companies physically inspect properties using old-school methods such as pen and paper, carrying bulky digital cameras to take photos and collating physical reports.

However, by deciding to switch from manual to digital, an entire company’s operations can change for the better; with the aid of a property inspection software, your staff will easily create comprehensive property inspection reports using their tablets or smartphones.

Working digitally will quickly allow you to automatically and securely store the inspection reports created on-the-go, and the good news is that these can be accessed anytime on your dashboard.

Looking to switch from manual to digital? Easy Inspection debunks digital property inspection myths so you can be better informed when you make this decision.

You might lose important information 

digital property inspection myths

With manual inspections, it’s not difficult to lose important information. However, a digital property inspection tool can include a secure storage system, which you can quickly access to property inspection information from your device. This way, your inspection and audit data remain secure and accessible, without the fear of losing it.

Also, the collected data from inspections can be analysed to identify areas for operational improvement and development.

Contrary to popular beliefs, digital inspection processes are actually revolutionising the consumer experience and in order to stay current and up-to-date, many businesses choose to modernise this processes.

It’s difficult to use 

digital property inspection myths

The purpose of digital property inspections is to make the inspection process easier and more efficient. From the very beginning, property inspection softwares are designed with a variety of users in mind, which makes the product easy to use.

When using a property inspection software, information is easy to key in, plus users can easily attach photos to the inspection checklists and generate reports on the spot.

It’s too expensive 

digital property inspection myths

Some companies might think that property inspection softwares are just too expensive to use without researching the real cost of the tool.

With traditional property inspections, your company will have to spend so many hours to compile information, key it into a computer, and attach all associated documents to the checklist manually.

Dealing with hard copies is always more tedious, costly and time-consuming than using a software, which will guarantee efficiency and professionalism on top of the competitive price!

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