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If you are the athletic type who likes to run outdoors as part of your lifestyle, you should take this into consideration when deciding where to live. Many find it surprising that Singapore has a land size that can accommodate running tracks and trails, including plenty with a view of nature.

Finding the most popular running routes

Perhaps the best way to explore running routes for Singapore is to check out where everyone else runs. For this, we recommend looking at the Runkeeper, Nike+, and Strava running maps:




The above show different ways to visualise running data for Singapore. Nike takes a “heatmap” approach which eventually drills down to actual routes, while Runkeeper and Strava maps focus on the exact routes right away.

Popular Running Locations

Here are some of the top pick places for runners in Singapore:

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Botanic Gardens

The area surrounding Botanic Gardens is popular among expats who like outdoor activities, such as running. The Gardens sit on 74-hectares and offer great scenery for running enthusiasts. Its terrain is also highly satisfying to runners who enjoy running on uneven surfaces and uphill slopes instead of just hitting the flat pavement. You can run laps in the Gardens, and the place has a green landscape where you can spend some time to rest in-between. Most of the condominium units located near the Botanic Gardens are rented, and also popular with expats.

East Coast Residential

Residents living nearby enjoy the 185 hectares of land/20 kilometer park including a white beach. The East Coast Park is understandably popular among runners. You can find trails lined with trees and a big crowd, especially on weekends that are also jogging, walking and doing similar outdoor activities along the park.

Marina Bay

The Marina Bay area is one of the most luxurious in Singapore. Living here takes you closer to Gardens by the Bays, which offers an 11-kilometer distance for running while enjoying city views. Runners can run along the river paths at the Marina Bay with trees and flowers along the running trail. You can find many runners at night because the trail provides a beautiful view of the city.

Changi Village

Living in the Changi Village area offers promising places for running. Most of the properties in the area are privately owned, mostly bungalows, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, and condominiums. The area is near the Changi Coast Walk and a park connecting it to the East Coast going to the Changi Beach Park. The location is ideal for running, especially when you reach the more tranquil wooded path where you will find refreshing scenery. The Changi Beach itself is a good place to run. You can also run from the beach park towards the National Sailing Center that offers a slightly uphill path for runners.

Punggol New Town

Living in Punggol New Town is another place that can take residents closer to running trails. There is a mixture of housing structures where you can live that include executive condominiums, private houses, and high-grade Housing and Development Board (HBD) residences. This brings you closer to the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, which offers natural scenery of trees lining the running paths. It is even more soothing to run along its paths because it brings you closer to nature. The Promenade Nature Walk offers a full loop of 17 kilometers, but there are other shorter loops to run.

Southern Ridges

Most of the residential areas in Southern Ridges contain HBD flats where many locals live. The city is intertwined with rainforest and nature, making it an ideal place to live in Singapore for runners. The city has the Southern Ridges Park, where you can run an estimated distance of 9 kilometers. You can pass by three parks on its running track with nine trails to select. Five of these trails are located above ground level. You can enjoy the harbor view from the top with the opportunity to run around its Hortpark and Floral Walk.

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