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Home Decor: Easy Ways to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger 

As a homeowner, we do all things possible just to make sure our house does not end up knee-deep with things. We know home decor is important, nut sometimes, things just don’t work out as planned, and our home turns out to be messier than before.

If you’re having trouble turning that small space of yours look bigger, here are a few home decor tips you can follow:
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1. Choose a lighter pantone

Dark colors tend to make spaces look smaller. Opt for lighter hues like white, cream, pale gray, or pastel colours to make any modular home look bright, airy, and open.

2. Invest in multifunctional pieces

It would be quite difficult to move around a room that is already half occupied by furniture. Invest in items that can hit two birds with one stone without taking up too much space.

There are a lot of furniture stores that offer ottomans with built-in storages or wall cabinets that turn into beds. The key is about optimising the space to complement your needs.

3. Use mirrors

One of the oldest tricks in the book that designers use to make spaces look bigger is to put up mirrors. Having mirrors can make the room appear extended. You can use an oversized mirror as an accent or hang multiple ones to achieve an abstract look.

4. Forget the drapes

When you are trying to make small spaces look bigger, it is best to skip on heavy drapes and use sheer instead. The light fabric makes the room look fresh. But, when in doubt, just leave the windows bare and let the natural beauty accentuate the room.

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5. Make it monochromatic

If you insist on using dark colors, make it monochromatic. Do not be afraid to use two shades of colour when you are designing small spaces. Play around with it.

For instance, having a dark accent wall can create a lot of depth for the room. You can also paint the ceiling a little darker to add more character and illusion.

6. Do not put furniture right against the wall

Having furniture too close to the wall can make the space look tight and cramped. It is a common misconception that it opens up more space in the middle of the room as if furniture and corners were meant to go together like Tetris.

If you have a couch that snugly fits in the corner, you can break the look by putting a console table in between.

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7. Remember the cantaloupe rule

Homestyle expert, Sabrina Soto of Target, says “decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe can crowd a room.” An alternative you can do is to put bigger but fewer ornaments.

There are plenty of ways to design modular homes and make spaces look bigger. It is all about perspective and emphasizing the right elements of the room. 

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