Buying a new house?

Here’s a checklist that’ll come in handy when you have to move in. 

Moving into a new home is a big step and during this exciting transition, there are so many things you need to accomplish. To make sure the moving process goes smoothly, Greyloft has compiled a moving checklist that will help you keep track of everything from A to Z.

2 months out

  • If you are using a mover, contact several moving companies to get a quote.
  • If you are moving on your own, contact several truck rental companies to get a quote.
  • Make a home inventory.
  • Sell or donate items you no longer need.
  • Declutter.
  • Create a spreadsheet of moving paperwork and expenses.
  • Arrange to transfer your children’s school records.
  • If you have pets, get veterinary records and take pets for immunisation if necessary.
  • Ensure all personal and financial records are accounted for.
  • Keep important documents such as birth certificates, passports, insurance, medical, dental, legal, and academic records.
  • Choose a mover or van rental company.

6 weeks out

  • Schedule the moving company if you plan to use a mover.
  • If moving on your own, make sure you book the moving van.
  • Change your address with the postal office and use mail forwarding.
  • Notify important parties of your move such as banks, brokerage firms, credit card, insurance, and utility companies.
  • Order moving materials such as  boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other supplies.
  • Start to pack seasonal clothing, sports gear, and other items that are not in immediate use.
  • Arrange for special travel arrangements for kids and pets, if necessary.

4 weeks out

  • Begin packing and organise boxes.
  • Label the boxes accordingly with their contents and the place they are destined for.
  • Pack and label “essentials” boxes of items you’ll need right when you move in.
  • Send school records to new school, if necessary.

1 week out

  • Confirm date and time of packing and moving if using a mover.
  • Confirm moving truck if you’re moving on your own.
  • Pack the rest of your things.
  • Confirm travel arrangements.
  • Pack a travel kit.
  • Make sure you have on hand the following: credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, and foreign currency and documents such as passports, birth certificates, ID, keys, papers for movers.
  • Pack a suitcase to have essential items on hand.

One day before the move

  • Continue packing the rest of the items.
  • Pack a box of things that will be needed first at the new home.
  • Confirm arrival time of moving van or truck.
  • Confirm accommodation.

Moving day

  • Do a final clean up of your old home.
  • Check that all things are loaded in the truck properly.

Delivery day at your new home

  • Check boxes and belongings.
  • Note on the inventory record any damage.
  • Supervise loading and unloading of the belongings.
  • Direct the placement of your items.

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