We are delighted to offer you this guest post by Kuhl Home. Written by Nur Syahidayu Effendy.

Scandinavian Interior Design Inspiration for Your Home

scandinavian interior design

Home decorating might seem like a daunting task to any home owner and it might be so for those living in a small-space home. Well, good news to you! Your local Scandinavian furniture store is set to help you maximize the use of your space with a good dose of Scandinavian interior design.

Characterized by its simple yet functional design, the growing trend for Scandinavian design has resulted in more and more home owners sourcing for quality, minimalist, and functional furniture.

Have a look below to find furniture in true Scandinavian form to provide you with an inspirational head start to begin visualizing the pieces in your home.

Scandinavian-Style Dining Tables

scandinavian interior design

Double Up is one of the most practical dining table amongst Kuhl Home’s collection of dining table. The beautiful lacquered steel gives the design a contrast to its wooden frame. The design is simple yet it offers a twist – simply flip the table to double up the space (see below). Double up is set to work brilliantly with any space.

Scandinavian Interior Design for the Living Room

scandinavian interior design

The Piero coffee table, designed by German Joa Herrenknecht, is packed with great contrasts and material details. The leather pocket is created for storing magazines and books, and adds a fresh new angle to this functional coffee table. The steel frame is square at one end and curved at the other – an unexpected and unusual design detail.

scandinavian interior design

Mara has a personality with many facets. Its design is elegant and attractive with a hard exterior, while the inside is inviting and soft. This is the kind of sofa you would like to lounge on all day long. We love that you can pull the seat out to add an extra 15cm, when you feel like taking a nap! You can easily end up spending a few hours on it simply relaxing, doing absolutely nothing.

String is a gorgeous versatile piece of modern classic furniture. The beautiful thing about String is that, you don’t necessarily need a modern Scandinavian themed home for it to work, it is just as stunning in any home concept. With String, you can start out small and simply add on more options for later – be it in magazine racks, cupboards, or even work desks! The modern classic aesthetic combined with its functionality is bound to look stunning in your home.

scandinavian interior design

*All pieces are available to order with Kuhl Home.

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