In any abode, may it be an apartment or a condo unit, comfort is always paramount. Domestic spaces such as your dwelling space must be in harmony with your lifestyle or else being “at home” with it would be next to impossible. Somehow, you must have a sense of control in the place you inhabit.

One such way of wielding that control is in the way you choose pieces of furniture that complement your individuality. The walls and floors of a room may give it structural strength but it is the basic furnishings that give it character.

Living in a private residence, particularly a condo seems to be a challenge as the space available is often limited, but never fret as filling it up with furniture that expresses your individual character is no daunting task. Online property portal, Lamudi, has taken note of basic furnishings that embody timeless and compelling home design concepts appropriate to grace your modern living quarters.

1. Chair

condo furniture

It is seldom to see a home without a chair. It cradles you in comfort to prevent numbing your legs; it supports you during breakfast so you can eat your meal conveniently; it can even be used to get things placed atop shelves above your reach. The chair is almost a requiem for a house to be called a “home.”

Among the pieces of furniture, a chair necessitates a one-to-one relationship to its user; thus, its role varies according to the role it will fulfill to its user. It comes in various shapes and sizes depending on its purpose. You can have a dining chair, a lounge chair, a reading chair, a child’s chair, or a stacking chair, but whatever chair you may want in your home, you must consider its appeal in terms of its ability to exude comfort and relaxation.

2. Coffee Table

condo furniture

A coffee table seems to be so much of an extension of our lives that it sometimes becomes invisible to us. But it is there, lying on the center of the chairs in silence, supporting your glasses and liquid refreshments, offering workspace, and sometimes housing piles of coffee-table magazines and books. It is a perfect hub where you can gather your friends or family members to enjoy a meal, play board games, or talk over something.

3. Sofa or Couch

condo furniture

The sofa might be the culprit in why so many have turned into couch potatoes. The softness of this big cushion is enough to ensnare someone to stay glued to the set for hours on end or indulge in a reviving afternoon nap. Sofas can be too slumped or too stiff but no matter, it must exude the essence of comfort as it is the legitimate place to take a nap.

4. Bed

condo furniture

Scientific studies claim that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. That’s quite bewildering but it is a fact we do on a daily basis. Needless to say, your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom as it is the very place where you spend a third of your life. It is almost a sanctuary where you sleep and dream or cuddle (if you have a partner living with you). It can also double as a working space as many people nowadays tend to use their beds as substitute for their desk or study table. A bed can accommodate a myriad of activities that it is very important to choose a bed soft enough and comfortable enough you won’t have qualms burying yourself in its soft cushions.

5. Built-in Storage

condo furniture

It is hard not to encounter limited space in our modern condition. Everyday objects in our home like clothes, bedding, and toys, for instance, need to be organized and stored in such a way that we maximize all the space available for us, particularly in a condo where space is usually limited. The good news is we don’t need to suffer in clutter with all the stuff we accumulated; all we need is to use our imagination. Built-in storage, especially those that maximize space, can remedy the space limitations of our modern homes. Furniture retailers certainly understand this, as many are coming up with smart solutions like pieces of furniture with built-in storage underneath them.

6. Movable Storage

condo furniture

Humans have multitude of ways to store their possession and movable storage is just one of the many brilliant solutions they have devised. It was written in history books that in the Middle Ages, all-purpose chests held entire households on the move and then doubled as tables and beds on arrival. Napoleon Bonaparte, in the nineteenth century, even established the fashion for portable campaign furniture. Movable storage can combine storage and display like in the case of bookcases and shelves; or can do double duty like in the case of trunks and chests where you can utilize both the inside and top part.

There is something remarkably beautiful in empty spaces for in emptiness there is always repose. Emptiness often denotes a sentiment of simplicity where simplicity does not necessarily translate to lack but more of a distinct preference in modesty. However, a condo unit just cannot adequately fulfill its purpose of being a dwelling place if it is empty of contents, of pieces of furniture that can give it character. It need not be expensive or grandiose or resemble anything featured in Modern Homemaking. All a furnishing needs to be is to suit the habits of your body and the machinations of your mind. Then and only then can a furnishing become immune to the ravages of time, thus making itself perpetual and timeless.

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