For many property and facilities management companies, gathering and storing data remains one of the biggest operational challenges.  No matter how efficient the inspection itself can be and how professional the inspectors are in conducting the process, when business still employ the traditional pen and paper inspection process, many important aspects will be left out. This is where the role of a digital property inspection software comes in.

Going digital is important as it can define and change an entire industry’s operations; property managers and inspectors will now be able to make the process more efficient and forget about the long practice of manually writing comments and pulling out data from paper reports.

Here are some of the reasons why inspection data is important for your organisation.

1. You can access reports instantly

digital inspection

As an inspector, it’s obvious that over the years you have created and handled hundreds and thousands of reports. By using a property inspection software, you can easily retrieve reports by simply searching for it in your phone or tablet.

This way, not only will you be able to pull out the required information about a certain case, but even save precious time as you no longer have to physically check go through your cabinets and shelves to look for old written reports.

Even more, by using an inspection software, you can easily access all of your documents, reports and inspections and share them with your team; these can be stored in order to be easily accessed by authorised personnel.

2. You don’t have to worry about lost Information

digital inspection

With manual inspections, it’s not hard to lose important information. However, a  digital property inspection tool can include a secure storage system, which you can quickly access to property inspection information from your device.

This way, your inspection and audit data remains secure and accessible, without the fear of losing it.

3. Use data insights to make improvements

digital inspection

With so much information at your fingertips, simply tap into all the data generated from your inspection and audit reports and use it as feedback and source for improvements in your company or organisation.

This is generally overlooked as auditing and inspections are perceived as a necessary evil rather than a means to generate valuable insights about your company.

With a digital property inspection software, your staff can pull out data to analyse areas where the company may be falling short with something and use the feedback to set clear goals and intentions for future projects.

4. Data is the foundation of good work relationships 

digital inspection

Data represents the foundation for the important and sometimes challenging conversations in any company. Instead of debating whether something is an issue or how large of an issue it poses, refer to the data and start focusing on how to improve processes and relationships with partners, clients and vendors.

You can also provide your staff the proper feedback to improve their own performance. Opening up data to the company gives everyone the information they need to communicate effectively and focus attention where they need.

5. You can document control 

If you’re working with paper audits, it can be difficult to get each location and team member using the correct template. When you have to roll out updates on the template, it’s hard to ensure everyone has received the relevant information.

Digital property inspections allow you to create the desired template and share that with staff  immediately. This means more control over shared efforts and processes which will be rolled out.

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