Property inspection are perhaps one of the most important tasks you need to do as they help ensure that the property is well maintained; in case there are any issues, these can be resolved before signing the contract.

A digital property inspection is also crucial because it can quickly assess and track the condition of your property and allow it to remain profitable and have added value for the future.

If you conduct the inspection yourself, be prepared to know when you should perform this task. Check out the types of inspections you may need to perform at your property.

Move-in property inspection 

property inspection

There’s more to moving in than simply signing a lease. Doing a property inspection before residents move in will hold them accountable for damages and reduce the likelihood for security deposit disputes. Also, this is important as prospective tenants can thoroughly check if the property has any issues or not.

For this type of inspection, you need to complete a walk-through inspection with the tenant and note down any existing damages to the property. This will help protect you and the tenant from any legal disputes concerning the condition of the property.

Move-out property inspection

property inspection

This type of inspection takes places when a tenant decides to move out. This means you’ll need to schedule a move-out inspection, which will allow you to check if there is any damage to the property beyond the normal wear and tear.

During this inspection, you can also compare your findings to the move-in inspection report to assess whether the property is being returned in the same condition. If repairs are needed, it’s important to document the costs.

Seasonal property inspection

Once a new resident moves in, it means that the property will be in their hands for a long period of time. Although this may seem tedious, it may still be important to complete periodic property inspections to ensure everything is in order. This can be of benefit for both the tenant and the landlord.

Property inspections remain one of the most important tasks of a landlord or property manager as they ensure that the property is being maintained properly and there won’t be any issues on both sides.

Routine inspections are used to avoid problems before they become major problems. Being proactive is important and completing routine inspections regularly can save big problems down the track.

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