Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations on the US holiday calendar – but it’s not a holiday that’s recognised in most other parts of the world, Singapore included. Being away from home at times like this can sometimes cause a pang of homesickness for many Americans living overseas. But fear not – we’ve searched out some of the best places to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the tropics, where you can feast on the traditional dishes you love, as well as trying out some of the Asian interpretations if you’re in the mood for something different.

Grand Hyatt Buffet

For traditional fare, take a look at the Grand Hyatt. Their famous buffet meal will be dedicated to traditional Thanksgiving dinner foods, and of course, the turkey takes pride of place.

There’ll also be succulent roast leg of lamb, with traditional Yorkshire puddings – British expats might be interested in this part! For those of you who prefer a more modern take, there’ll be a seafood feast, cold cuts and of course, the local Asian dishes you may have acquired a taste for by now.

Dessert is going to be a treat with mouth-watering pumpkin pies and gourmet chocolate-caramel trifle with raspberries. Make a reservation so that you can be in on the action.

Thanksgiving dinner turkey

Turkey and more at the Marriot café

The Marriot Café in Orchard Road hasn’t been slow to pick up on the American craving for a good Thanksgiving dinner, and their buffet price is slightly lower than the Hyatt’s.

Their turkey isn’t just any turkey: it’s a roasted maple-glazed turkey with chestnut stuffing! If your mouth isn’t watering already, think about bourbon and honey-glazed hams, roast pork saddle stuffed with prune and pancetta, and a feast of seafood including Norwegian salmon.

The Four Seasons in Orchard Boulevard

Next up is the Four Seasons. They’ll have the turkey, of course, but if you’ve been craving cornbread, this is the place to find it – they’ve already got quite a reputation for it. In the mood for pumpkin pie? You’ve got it! And listen to this: caramelised pecan cheesecake…our mouths are watering already!

thanksgiving dinner pie

DB Bistro Moderne’s Thanksgiving Dinner

DB Bistro Moderne is all set to make you feel right at home with three-course Thanksgiving dinner.

Start off with a thick butternut squash soup and with crusty bread. Next up is mouth-watering, herb-roasted turkey breast with all the veggies and extras you’d expect at home. But leave a little room, because the down-home desserts are worth saving space for! Pile into American-style apple pie, pumpkin pie or pecan pie, and then get ready to loosen your belts – phew, what a feast!

Brewekz is pulling out all the stops

Just reading about what they’re planning for Thanksgiving, and will make you as hungry as a lion. You may need to be, by the sounds of the spread, which includes roast turkey breast, pork crusted with fennel seeds, and beef roasted with beer (apparently it helps the beef to relax). There’ll be a range of veggie dishes with a touch of gourmet flair and of course, pecan pie for dessert. It’s going to be a laid back event; they’ll cater for kids too, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

thanksgiving turkey dinner

Kilo Kitchen adds a touch of local spice

The fact is, you’re in Singapore, so why not have a slightly different menu for Thanksgiving and make new traditions? Kilo Kitchen is getting creative with the traditional Thanksgiving menu. There’s turkey, sure enough, but with a twist of Thai spice. Come for the full ten-course menu and continue the celebration with DJ’s and dancing upstairs. This option is going to be great for younger folks who love a party or those of you with teenagers to keep happy.

Meathsmiths for a traditional and tasty Thanksgiving

The Meatsmith’s dinner is renowned for plates loaded with smoked turkey and a rainbow of traditional vegetarian dishes, rich gravies and the whole Thanksgiving experience. For Americans it’s as close to home away from home as you could wish. Invite friends from other countries to experience Thanksgiving fare.

Fall Decoration with Pumpkins, Leaves,Candles, Cinnamon Sticks ,Chestnuts and Acorns

Other fun things to try

Nothing says you can’t celebrate just because you’re not in the US – or even from the States! There’s always something fun going on in Singapore. Got a favourite hangout? Why not give them a call to see if they’ve got anything happening for Thanksgiving.

Of course, the American Club will be going all out for Thanksgiving. If you’re not a member, see if you can get an invitation from a friend who is. Or else, do something completely unconventional and start some new family traditions which merge East and West. You are celebrating in Singapore, after all!

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