Need a Coffee Fix? Check Out These Cool Tiong Bahru Cafes

It’s not a secret that the hip Tiong Bahru neighbourhood will easily win your heart. First of all, it ticks everything from charming streets to unique architecture to a bohemian vibe – and it also teems with loads of awesome cafes that will keep you caffeinated just the way you like it.

Ready for a coffee fix? Check out Greyloft’s selection of Tiong Bahru cafes where you can unwind and satisfy your palate as well.

Tiong Bahru cafes
Photo by Plain Vanilla

Plain Vanilla

It’s not rocket science that Plain Vanilla will easily get you hooked on this combination: coffee and cupcakes. As a cupcake pioneer, this lovely bakery-slash-cafe takes its cake seriously, treating dessert fans with timeless classics such as red velvet, cookies and cream, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate hazelnut and salted caramel among many others. Pop by to experience all the goodness for yourself.

Tiong Bahru cafes
Photo by Drips Bakery Cafe

Drips Bakery Cafe

Drips immediately stands out with its beautiful, simple and airy interior, ideal for weekend relaxation. Besides, it quickly works wonders to satisfy your love for sweet and savoury delights as it boasts an incredibly versatile selection of tarts, which cater to every taste. There’s also great drip coffee that goes well with all these tasty sweet treats.

Tiong Bahry cafes
Photo by Tiong Bahru Bakery

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Pastry culture reigns at Tiong Bahru Bakery for good reasons. This place is all about home-baked goodies, so expect to dig into everything from traditional breads and pastries to tarts to eclairs to savoury sandwiches. Aficionados of all things French will also be delighted to tuck into croissants made to perfection – you will be compelled to utter “très bon” in no time!

Tiong Bahru cafes
Photo by Forty Hands

Forty Hands

Sometimes everything is about coffee and Forty Hands makes sure you will be treated well if you need a great cup of java. Pop by and soak in the industrial-chic decor (surely your Instagram will thank you for the new photos as well) and take some time to savour the coffee here. The mission behind this every-so-popular Tiong Bahru cafe is interesting as well as it actively aims to elevate the status of coffee appreciation, promote sustainability by opting for direct trade, and offering delicious specialty coffee made with fresh beans.

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Tiong Bahru cafes
Photo by PS Cafe

PS. Cafe Petit Tiong Bahru

PS. Cafe might as well be regarded as a temple of culinary enthusiasm. With various outlets all over the island, it really is considered an institution for palatable fare in Singapore. Pop by the Tiong Bahru cafe, and you will discover for yourself why it is uber-famous. Be prepared to tuck into artisanal dishes such as pizzas, burgers and hearty salads prepared with a Slow Food sensibility. There are also scrumptious desserts, ice-cream and a wide selection of wines to test.


We can’t enumerate good stuff like cakes, brownies, croissants and macarons without getting a little too enthusiastic. We admit, we are all about a good sugar rush, and Whisk helps accomplish this beautifully. Helmed by patissier Tricia Lim, this lovely cafe is also an eye-candy as it focuses on European minimalist design, allowing patrons to enjoy a truly tranquil afternoon.


It may seem slightly odd to mix tea and potatoes, but the guys at this quaint bistro-slash-cafe have a strong affinity for this combination, which might as well be a match-made-in-heaven. Think good ol’ fish and chips paired with a pot of Oolong Rose and many other potato dishes that go well with specialty tea.

Tiong Bahru cafes
Photo by Sin Lee Foods

Sin Lee Foods

Sin Lee Foods mixes nostalgia with modernity, creating a sort of throwback space to simpler days. The interior of this cool Tiong Bahru cafe is pretty raw, which gives the cafe plenty charm, and the alfresco area alongside the HDB outdoor pavilion is also incredibly relaxing. And although the locale is somewhat off-the-beaten track, it will definitely reward you with great fare!

tiong bahru

Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy takes your culinary experience to another level, offering a 100% gluten and dairy-free menu, allowing your palate to be in for a real surprise. Expect topnotch, imaginative dishes that can satisfy even the most discerning foodie, and a gorgeous brick and wood decor that spells elegance.

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