Integrate technology in the rental process 

With more tenants planning to rent properties every year, more and more landlords are looking at ways to improve the renting process by integrating technology and closing the communication gap between landlord and tenant.

By using a property inspection software, you will be able to inspect and manage your property on the go by performing a photo inspection for maintenance issues, or a full tenant move-in and move-out inspection. 

This innovative way of managing a property will not only create a unique selling point for tenants, but also make the rental experience better for your tenants.

By using technology to make the renting process more efficient, landlords will also be at ease knowing their asset is being protected by having access to relevant information which determines the condition of the property before and after the tenant moves in and out of the property. 

Resolve disputes easily

home inspection app

One important matter between landlords and tenants remains settling potential disputes. For instance, many disputes between landlords and tenants take place because of disagreements about what constitutes wear and tear. 

To surpass this issue, landlords can use a home inspection app to create a detailed inventory, which will take place at the beginning and end of a tenancy.

This will will also show what is expected of the tenant, in terms of cleaning and maintaining the condition of the property. This benefits the landlord as it will help them avoid a disagreement with the tenant. 

By creating a report in the home inspection app, landlords will be able to have proof of the details of the condition of the property, as well as a list of furnishings, fixtures and fittings before the tenant moves in. 

When going over the differences with the tenant, each landlord needs evidence, so this is where a property inspection software comes in the picture. This means you will have all the information at your disposal, anytime, anywhere – this includes detailed checklists, inventories, reports and photographs of potential issues. 

On your device, you can show the tenant the copy of the original contract, inventory and photographs of the rooms or belongings. These can then be compared to the initial state of the property. 

By appearing willing to compromise and having documents and photographic evidence to back up your claims, you are in the position to have the works or cleaning carried out to your satisfaction without a dispute. 

Keep on top of paperwork

home inspection app

It is little wonder that documents go missing or that you might forget to store some important paperwork that might be needed at a certain time. 

Landlords with multiple buy-to-let properties should consider investing in software so that all the documents are stored in one place.

This can also include a checklist to make sure that all documents and regulations are adhered to.

Using a home inspection app to seal a deal with your tenants can save you precious time and resolve any paperwork issues as you can easily access information and create reports on-the-go from your device. 

These documents can also be used as evidence in the event that a landlord needs to take action against a tenant who doesn’t comply to rules. 

A home inspection app will help landlords document, store and retrieve valuable information and data that can be extremely helpful throughout the course of a rental term.

By using technology like a home inspection app, landlords can now be relieved of any concern!

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