Greyloft is a Singapore based, licensed property agency that integrates a suite of online & offline services to deliver you the best home finding experience.

We provide a suite of online tools to help you discover where to live & then pair you up with one of our in-house licensed property brokers who guide you in shortlisting properties, coordinating viewings, negotiating terms & moving in.

We understand your need to find a space compatible with all your needs.Our property agency offers a smart search platform to help you discover what neighborhoods or condominiums might work for you, suited to individual preferences and spread over a wide array of residential locations across Singapore.

To help you with the offline leg of your home search & to ensure a consistent experience, we handpick & rigorously train our agents who work exclusively for Greyloft.  From property discovery to house selection, and paperwork,  our agents ensure that our customers sail through the entire house-hunting process seamlessly.

We have also compiled a guide for you to learn more about the rental market in Singapore. You may download the rental guide below.

Singapore apartment rental guide download

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