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We are happy to have helped customers rent their perfect apartment in Singapore, and we look forward to helping out more customers rent or buy properties in Singapore.

Benk Visscher


“My wife and I just moved to Singapore, and needed help finding a property. Victoria Wu, our agent at Greyloft, did a fantastic job in finding the perfect spot for us. By showing us many different but relevant properties, we made our decision in under a week. Since Day 1 Victoria has been very helpful, friendly and really understood our wishes. We are therefore happy to rate Victoria and Greyloft with a 10/10 for the great service provided. “

Harriet Jakeman

Dover Court International School

“Greyloft were extremely efficient when it came to helping us find a condo. We'd just arrived after moving half way across the world and hadn't really a clue about where in Singapore we wanted to be or how to go about it. Greyloft shortlisted a number of condos based on our description of the kind of place we wanted to live in and the sort of area we'd like to be near. We had half-hour viewing slots and went round everywhere in a couple of afternoons. It was all very relaxed but we could see it had been meticulously planned behind the scenes!

We found our place and had signed and sealed the deal by early Saturday evening- the benefit of online document signing & transfer; no messing around with cheques and no need to meet face-to-face. Easy! Thanks Greyloft for making our move to Singapore a lot easier than we'd expected!”